Mini-league kick-off!

The Bangkok Pool League mini-league will be starting up mid-October (12 October for Monday).

Mondays will be 8-ball , mix of singles, doubles.
Wednesdays will be 9-ball, mix of singles and doubles – possibly a team game for ties.

Online score submission and handicapping will be trialed during this mini-league.

Bars are limited to no more than 2 teams in a division. Current plan is 3 divisions in 8 ball and 2 in 9 ball.

If you have a team which wishes to play, inform Al or Joe ASAP.

Standings Updated

Standings are updated with what we have. There are a lot of results missing from the 8-ball scores. Please take a look and get in your scores or score sheets. With only a week left, the number of missing results can very possibly impact the final standings.

All Standings Updated

8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball standings have been updated with the results we have. We are still missing scores for a number of weeks from multiple teams. Please look and see if your scores are complete!

Standings updated

All standings are updated with what we have. We are missing some results, so please take a look and see if one of your results are missing!

Ten Ball Handicaps are also updated. Handicaps adjusted are in red.

Asia Pool Challenge Meeting

In November, the Bangkok Pool League will be defending it’s 4-year undefeated record in Jakarta against teams from Jakarta, Shanghai, Singapore, Manila, Saigon, Phnom Penh, and possibly Hong Kong.

There will be a 6:00 PM meeting at Strikers on Wednesday, July 15th for anyone wanting to learn more about the event.

Standings updated, Handicaps updated, Blue Division Schedule updated!

First, there is a new team playing in the Bangkok Pool League on Monday Night. Sportsman ELL is taking the slot that Pickled Liver dropped out of. As a result, the Blue Division Schedule has been updated. PLEASE LOOK HERE!!

All league standings are updated with the scores we have. There are missing scores (we are assuming that the games have not been played). If the game has been played, please get the scores to us!

10 ball handicaps have been updated.

The following system was used.

If your winning percentage was between 35% and 65%, your handicap did not move unless it was less than 3. For players with handicaps of 3 or below, the handicap was changed if their winning percentage was more than 10% different from their handicap. A player winning 40% of their games is not going to stay at a 2.  High handicap players only saw their handicap move if they were winning a significantly higher or lower percentage of their games than would be expected at their handicap level

In some cases, no changes were made because the number of games played in the last 4 weeks wasn’t adequate to use to make a judgement.  One week’s games was not sufficient to move a handicap.

Players changing teams

The rules regarding players changing teams have not changed and apply to 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball leagues. League approval must be sought by the player PRIOR to changing teams. There is no requirement for league approval to add a player who has not previously played in that league this year.  This does not apply to friendlies which may be open to all, but any game in which the score counts in the standings.

Strikers Dropped

Strikers has dropped out of the Bangkok Pool League. Teams scheduled to play them will get a forfeit win.
An updated schedule has been posted with games in green designating friendly matches that will not count in the standings (placing the team that had a day off vs the team scheduled to play Strikers).

Support the Bangkok Team bringing back the trophy!

The Bangkok Pool League launched this new website about a month ago, and we are now selling advertising (only 4 ads will appear in the footer of each page and will be on rotation so that there is no preference to any given advertiser). The income from the advertisements will be used to support our sending a team to Jakarta for the 5th Asia Expat Pool Challenge. The cost for an ad is just 2,000 baht a month. If you would like to advertise on this site and support the Bangkok team in their effort to bring back the AEPC trophy for the 5th time, please contact us here.

Albums Added

We’ve added a bunch of albums to the website. Want to see some of the people who played in the Bangkok Pool League in the past? Take a look! Anyone who has any photos from the Pool League over the years that they would like to add to our collection, we’d love to have them!