Division adjustments

Because of the drops in the Blue division, at the halfway point of the season (after week 14) division adjustments will be made. Trophies will be awarded at the end of the season for winners of the first half and winners of the second half as well as for the winners of each division overall.
Those teams who currently have byes over the next few weeks as a result of the drops, please feel free to organize friendlies between the other teams that don’t have games. The league is NOT arranging suggested friendlies because the drops have unfortunately all been from the same side of the format (resulting in three teams  not having games all of which were scheduled to have home games). Arrangements between teams can work out venue as they see fit.

Please be patient, we are working on sorting the issues out.

K&S Team has moved

The team that was playing out of K&S Bar has moved and is now playing out of Hillary 1 (still on Soi 4).

Please update your schedules.

Added K&S Bar to the Blue Division

There has been a change in the Blue division with the addition of K&S Bar. Please check the fixture/schedules if you play in the Blue division. A lot of changes made. I ask that bars make an effort to assist K&S Bar in making up the games that have not been played from earlier in the season.

Adjustments to Blue Division

There have been some adjustments to the Blue Division fixtures with the drop out of Black Pagoda. I am not happy with the schedule, and am hoping to find a replacement team in the next few weeks. The schedule will be updated again dependent on either a new team being found or a rework of the schedule with the teams existing in order to reduce the number of friendlies and byes. Please be patient. We are aware that this schedule is currently not optimal.

Change in 8-ball format

Due to concerns by many about the weighting of the doubles frames, we have adopted a change to the 8-ball format.  The new format is 6 games of singles followed by 4 games of doubles followed by 6 games of singles followed by 4 games of doubles and then the team game if needed. Each section is worth 2 points – for a total of 8 points available with a 9th point in the tie-breaker team game if needed.

Because the point totals have not changed, the current points distribution and standings will not change. We are early in the season.

New scoresheets are available here.

On another note, Black Pagoda has dropped out in the blue division. If anyone knows of a team that would like to replace them, it would be great to find someone.

Fixtures/Schedules updated – standings and scoring

The scores that I have received have been posted on both the divisions page and the schedule/fixtures page on the website.
There have been some questions regarding the scoring of the doubles in 8-ball.
All sections (both singles and the one doubles section) are win, lose or draw. Both singles sections can be won for 2 points, drawn for 1 point to each team or lost for 0 points. The same is true of the doubles section – it can be won for 4 points, drawn for 2 points to each team or lost for 0 points. Points are not per game, they are for the section. Awarding an odd number of points or fractions would reduce the odds of a tie and the opportunities for the team game.
The complaint has been made that it would be possible for a team to win by only winning 3 of the doubles games and the team game. And that is correct. However, it is highly unlikely to occur – as a team that wins all the singles should certainly not suddenly find itself unable to win games in which they need to cooperate. The first week indicates the opposite – as there were two 8-0 games in which the dominant team won all three sections.
The reason for the sections, and the points – is to avoid blowouts if possible and the sections avoid having nights end quickly with a team that gets off to a fast start, while giving some leeway to Captains to manage time (each section can be played as a race if desired – so once a section is won, the teams can go to the next section). Yes, the sections and scoring do benefit teams that play well as a team.
Two new teams started with the Bangkok Pool League this Monday – Hooters Nana and Snobbish. Hooters Nana is located on Sukhumvit Soi 4 at the Nana Hotel and Snobbish is located on Ekamai Soi 6. Both are great additions and we are happy to have them.
Anyone who has any questions, please call Al Lock.

2016 Season updates

Both 8-ball and 9-ball schedules/fixtures have been updated to reflect the loss of Butterfly, the addition of SMN BB in 9-ball and the addition of SMN Z in 8-ball (which resulted in SMN Hobos moving down a division and SMN Galaxy returning to play out of Country Road as Country Boat).

Also posted are updated score sheets for 8-ball and 9-ball. Please turn in scoresheets at Sportsman or take a photo of the scoresheet and send it to Al (Facebook, Lines, Whatsapp, SMS or email).

A reminder that the 8-ball format has a minimum of 20 games, with the team game only necessary if there is a tie.  9-ball is a race to 17, first team to 17 wins.


2016 Season

The fixtures (schedules for Americans) as well as division assignments, format, etc, are up.

Any questions you have can be asked at the Captain’s meeting. 6 pm on 20 September at Sportsman (upstairs).