Tournament and awards on 20 February

The individual tournament will be on 20 February at Sportsman Lounge (upstairs).

Registration from 1 pm (13.00) on. Play to begin about 2 pm (14.00).

Captains meeting for 2016 season at 6 pm (18.00)

The following teams are receiving trophies from last year:

8-ball –

Sports Academy A
Hustlers A
Sportsman A
Sportsman BB
Hustlers Fun
Stumble Inn

9-ball  –

Sports Academy B
Country Road

10-ball  –

Hustlers Easy Money
Sportsman DDD
Sportsman Houligans
Hustlers Goodfellas

A Bit of Nostalgia

Someone asked me recently how many venues have played in The Bangkok Pool League during my 10 year tenure. I really didn’t know. I went through some past records and jogged what little is left of my memory, and came up with a list. Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone.

For the sake of accuracy, I went by venue names. Venues that have moved, have more than 1 team, have several locations or were sold were only entered once unless there was a name change. This should bring back some fond memories for those that have been living here long enough. Take a guess before clicking the link. You might be surprised.


Historical Venues

2016 Bangkok Pool Season

We are approaching the time for the new season of the Bangkok Pool League to start up.

20 February 2016 will be the individual tournament and the trophy ceremony for the previous season.  Sign-in starts at 1 pm and we hope to start play at 2 pm.  Event will be at the Sportsman Lounge (upstairs at Sportsman).

There will also be a Captain’s meeting at 6 pm that day at the tournament.

The 8-ball season is scheduled to start Monday, 22 February.  The format will be a mix of singles and doubles with a team game if a tie is in place with both teams “on the hill”.  We expect to have 3 divisions, with no more than 2 teams from a given bar allowed in each division. Teams will be placed in divisions based on estimate of the players level in that team.  Current teams who have confirmed gives each division with a team in the Silom area and the balance of games along Sukhumvit.

The 9-ball fun season is scheduled to start Wednesday, 24 February. The format will be a mix of singles and doubles with a team game if a tie is in place with both teams “on the hill”. There will only be one division for the fun 9-ball season, as the money league is continuing to run on Wednesdays.  There will be a system in place to try to level the playing field for all teams (this will be explained at the Captain’s meeting).

Both leagues will revert to the recommended practice of buying a round for the other team at the mid-point of the night.

Team Captains, please contact Al Lock with your contact information and who will be playing on your team (s).   Teams who need a home/sponsor bar also contact Al, as we have some venues that are willing to sponsor but don’t have players. We believe that this upcoming season will be fun!

New Bangkok Pool League Season

The mini-league is winding to a close.

The new Bangkok Pool League season will start in February, being kicked off by a singles tournament to award the trophies from last season.

I am beginning to work on putting together the list of teams that will be playing in the season, and would appreciate if everyone could let me know how many teams their bar will field. Please note that divisions (except for the money league) will be limited to two teams from any individual bar.

How many divisions depends entirely on how many teams!

Current plan is:

Monday – 8 ball

Wednesday – Fun 9 ball

Wednesday – Money division once current money division finishes (later start than others).

If anyone knows of any other venue that wants to field a team, please let me know.



Asia Pool Challenge

For those that did not see the match via the live streaming or yet hear about it, the 5th year of the Asia Pool Challenge was held this past week-end in Jakarta.   The Bangkok Pool League (Bangkok Heat) played against teams from Jakarta, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Manila, Shanghai and Phnom Penh.  After 4 consecutive wins, we placed 2nd to Jakarta in what was the most competitive event yet.   The winner was not determined until the last few games of the 2-Day event.

It proved to be a great event that surpassed most expectations, and we will have a bit more motivation to regain our title next year in Ho Chi Minh against the same cities plus new participant Seoul.

For more information, click on Asia Pool Challenge – History – year 5.

Mini-league – 2015

Please note that the mini-league 2015 is not a Bangkok Pool League activity. The information posted regarding it is posted as a courtesy to assist the organizers. Any questions regarding the mini-league should be directed to Joe at Sportsman.


As is usually the case, a mini-league is being formed for those interested in continuing league play  before the start of the next full pool season.

It is currently in the process of being organized.  The schedule will be made up next week (no later than the 20th), and the starting date will be Monday, October 26th.  Attempts will be made to contact those venues that might be interested, but if anyone is interested in entering a team, please contact Joe (085-946-8777) or Paul (086-171-1848) or Steve at Sportsman.

Standings Updated

Standings are updated with what we have. There are a lot of results missing from the 8-ball scores. Please take a look and get in your scores or score sheets. With only a week left, the number of missing results can very possibly impact the final standings.