Singles Tournament, Trophies, 2017 Season meeting, APC Meeting

On 8 January, 2017, the Bangkok Pool League and Hustlers will have a singles tournament at 2 pm at Hustlers. Everyone is welcome to please come and play. Have fun. Format and administration will be taken care of by Hustlers.

At about 6 pm, we will award the trophies from the 2016 Bangkok Pool League season. The following teams are receiving trophies:

Sports Academy Elite
Hustlers A
Sportsman A
Hustlers Fun
Sportsman Z
Sportsman Spice
Country Boat
Sports Academy Fun
Jools (9 ball)
Sportsman BB (9 ball)
Country Road (9 ball)
Hot Links (9 ball)
The Game  (9 ball)
Sports Academy Fun (9 ball)

There will be a meeting immediately after the trophy ceremony to discuss the upcoming season.

At about 7 pm, Mark will have a meeting about the Asia Pool Challenge for 2017, to be held in Bangkok. Anyone interested in attending is welcome.