Bangkok Pool League Update

We are currently focusing on only Monday – start targeted at 20 February

All teams will play all other teams – home and away – but a post-game scoring system will be even out the playing field. Lower ranked teams will get their points doubled on those nights that they play higher rank teams – so even if you lose, you can make points that help you win a trophy!

Higher vs. lower ranked teams will be based on number of players that are APC quality. I will use the evaluations of Stuart and Joe to assist me in determining if players are that level.

Deposit is now 2000 baht. Cancellations on day result in 1000 baht of the cancelling teams deposit being delivered to the host venue.  If the cancelling team is the host team, the host venue will buy a round for the visiting team.

Fee is 1,500 baht. Used for purchase of trophies at the end of the season.

This week, Al or Gary will be confirming and collecting fees/deposits.

Anyone wishing to field a team, please let us know.