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Week 2 standing and results

As of Tuesday morning, here are the results and standings of week 2’s game. Everyone seems to be having a great time, although Sportsman BB may need to be knocked off their perch!

Up to 12 teams!

Bangkok Pool League has added two more teams, taking the total to 12. We will not be adding any more teams for this season.

Week 2 Schedule:

The full schedule and fixtures will be updated by Sunday evening. Currently only October has been updated.

2017 8-ball season

Captain’s meeting was held on Monday, 2 October and went very well. The season will start on 9 October with 9 teams playing out of 9 locations. Contact information and locations can be found here.  At the suggestion of Ramy, the trophy ceremony will be held at the winning venue.  Standings and fixtures will be updated as quickly as possible.
Host venues are responsible for providing table, practice opportunity for the visiting team and buying a round of drinks. Although most venues will provide food, it is not mandatory.

2017 season

The BKK Pool League season will start at the beginning of October. This is 8-ball only on Monday. A mix of doubles and singles in a cumulative point format. Standard rules apply, but as always, Captains can agree before the match to variations (such as jump shots, allowing coaching, etc.). If you are interested in playing, please contact David Jordan or Al Lock.