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Standings Updates

Standings in 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball are entered.

We are still missing results, please look and let us know any results that are missing.

In 10-ball, we are also missing score-sheets. The handicap page has been updated with the individual wins and losses, but handicaps have not been adjusted yet.  Adjustments of handicaps will be made next weekend. Any score-sheets not received by then, adjustments will be made based on assumptions that players are winning those games.


We are getting some interesting scoresheets turned in. Some have been beer or water soaked and the information is illegible. A lot of them don’t have team names entered (do not assume we will recognize which team it is by players’ names – there is a box for team names – please use it!).

But the best was one turned in for SMN Shooters vs. Hustlers A in which the final four game results weren’t entered, so we don’t actually have a result in winner or loser!!
Scoresheet we have has Shooters ahead 11 – 9.

Standings, Scores and 10-ball handicap

The standings sheets for 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball have all been updated with the information currently in our hands (Al and Mark). Mark is doing the 8-ball and 9-ball standings and Al is taking care of the 10-ball. We were going to go back to tracking individual stats in the 8-ball league, but some of the score sheets have been turned in in such poor condition that players names are not legible.

The 10-ball handicap list is updated, adding some players who weren’t on the list before. In addition, the players that have played also show their winning percentage. That winning percentage is the primary determining factor on handicap adjustment as the season progresses.  Steve Rea suggested that the list by sorted by handicap within each team and the team name be put in bold to make it easier for everyone to find and to figure team handicaps. That has been done (thank you very much for the suggestion, Steve!).

As you can see from the information on each standings page, we are missing information. It is very easy to send scores in. Just take a photo of your score sheet and send it to Al via Line, Facebook or email. For 9-ball, we simply need the final score. For 10-ball, it is very important that all players are recorded and the wins and losses noted.

Team Standings

In the resources section, you can now find the team standings based on the results we have received as of yesterday.

10-ball handicaps

The 10 ball handicap list has been expanded to include those players who had not been reported by their captains but played in week 1. No handicaps have been adjusted. Updated list is here.

Change in Blue Division 8-ball

Pickled Liver is dropping out of the 8-ball league on Monday nights (Blue Division). So, as of week 3 (11 May), there will be changes in the Blue Division Fixtures. If you play in the Blue Division, please check the updated fixtures under resources.

If anyone is interested in putting  a team into Pickled Liver’s spot in the schedule, please contact us via the “Contact” tab on the left side of this website.

Missing results from Week 1

Missing results from 8-ball:

  • Pickled Liver – Breakers Fun
  • Hustlers Fun – SMN Man

Missing results on 9-ball:

  •  Galaxy vs Fun

Missing results on 10-ball:

  • Houligans vs Easy Money

2015 Season has kicked off!

The 2015 Pool Season has kicked off!

Check out the resources tab for the information on the current season – rules, divisions, standings, fixtures, statistics – all will be shown there.

Singles Tournament/Deposits/A.E.P.C.

The Singles Tournament to kick off the new season of The Bangkok Pool League will be on April 18th at Hustlers.
I will be at Hustlers all day for it and I will begin returning the playing deposits to those venues that will not be playing in the Spring 2015 season, so please see me there for it to avoid my having to track you down.

I will bring everyone up to speed on where we currently stand regarding the Asia Expat Pool Challenge.