APC Tournament

The 6th year of the Asia Pool Challenge will be in Saigon on Sept 1st,  2nd and 3rd.  Bangkok, winner of 4 of the previous 5 events will be there to take on teams from Jakarta, Shanghai, Manila, Singapore, Phnom Penh, Saigon and Seoul.  The tournament on the 1st will be a singles tournament for the top 2 players from last years event.  Mao and Ruairi will be representing Bangkok off their strong performances in Jakarta last year.  The main event will be on the 2nd & 3rd.

The event will be streamed, and Hustlers, Sportsman and Sports Academy will all be showing the streaming.

28 people from Bangkok will be making it to Saigon for the event.  All of the action will be in the ballroom of The Eastin Grand Hotel.  If anyone is in the neighborhood, please stop by.

This years’ event was sponsored by Hustlers and Asia Billiards, who have both given strong support.  The Bangkok Pool League is also a sponsor, courtesy of the support from PizzaMania and LED Lighting Asia.

Chiang Mai Challenge Finish

The Bangkok Team went up to Chiang Mai and played there on their tables. Because of last-minute cancellations, we only had ten players, but Chiang Mai very graciously loaned us two players to fill our teams.

Chiang Mai A 4 – BKK A 2
BKK B 5 – Chiang Mai B 1
Chiang Mai C 4 – BKK C 2

A big thanks to Lenny, Manny, Ronnie, Hermann, Gary Lee, Gary, Tom, Tim and Wolfgang for making the trip and representing Bangkok well.  We had a great trip. Those that weren’t able to go, you missed a great trip!

Chiang Mai were great hosts and a special thanks to Brian, AJ and Peter for their efforts. We noticed a number of improvements in terms of strategy and using the rules effectively.

Chiang-Mai Challenge AWAY

The Bangkok vs. Chiang Mai challenge moves to Chiang-Mai for the next round. 20 August.
Teams A and C will play at Sheryles. Team B will play at Wild Boar. Players are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.
Recommended hotels:
Amora Hotel
M Hotel (Burger King on ground floor)
IM Hotel (McD on ground floor)
Top North Hotel
Raming Lodge Hotel and Spa
Currently committed to going:
Tim Bolshaw
Gary Lee
Marc Taylor
Peter – Maybe
Anyone else interested in playing, please let me know!!!

Chiang Mai Results

The first leg of the Chiang Mai challenge went well.

Bangkok Pool A 6 vs Chiang Mai A 2
Bangkok Pool B 6 vs Chiang Mai B 2
Bangkok Pool C 8 vs Chiang Mai C 0

We will play at Chiang Mai on August 20.

Currently on the list as playing in Chiang Mai:

Peter (not 100%)
Gary Lee

That makes our minimum. It would be nice to have a few more players who are going up. Please let me know if you want to play in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Challenge

The players from Chiang-Mai will be arriving in the next day.  Event starts at 6 pm on Saturday at each of the venues. Format is the same as Monday night 8-ball format.
Chiang Mai A will play at Hustlers vs. 4 or 5 players

Chiang Mai B will play at Sportsman Lounge (upstairs)
Leonard Stokes
Tim Bolshow

Chiang Mai C will play at Sports Academy
Gary Lee

Chiang Mai Challenge!

Chiang Mai has challenged the Bangkok Pool League to a home and away (2 each) event between leagues.  On 30 July, Chiang Mai will bring 3 teams to compete against 3 teams from the Bangkok Pool League.  For this first home match:
The highest ranked team will play in Hustlers.
The middle ranked team will play in Sportsman.
The lowest ranked team will play in Sports Academy.
Each team will be at least 4 players. I would like to have 5 or 6 in each team.

I need players to sign up to play – we will divide the signed up players into the teams to represent Bangkok.  Players who sign up need to be able to make the return away trip to Chiang Mai .   Place your name as a comment on this post on the Bangkok Pool League Facebook page or send an email via the Bangkok Pool League website contact us page.

Should be fun!

Divisions reorganized – week 15 on

The Divisions for 8-ball have been reorganized for week 15 on. Red Division and White Division now have 6 teams and Blue Division has 5 teams (would have been 6, but Ice Breakers has dropped out).

The second half of the season will now be ten playing weeks long (breaks are still incorporated) and will end after week 24. Trophies will be awarded for the winner of the first half of each division, the second half of each division and for the overall winners.

I am still missing some scores from weeks 1 to 13. Please get them to me as soon as possible.