General rules


A…..  All teams must provide a team captain who will be responsible for all matters  relating to his/her team.  He must be aware of the playing rules and be willing to accept the responsibility of ensuring that his team shows up for their scheduled matches.  He will be the contact for his team in all correspondence and notices, and must supply a phone number that he or she can be contacted at.  Team  Captains have a great deal of leeway, and 2 team captains, by agreement in any given match, are allowed to vary the rules.

B…… There is a seasonal registration fee of 1,500 Baht per team.  The fee is to cover all operational costs, must be paid before the start of the season, and is non-refundable. There is also an additional deposit of 2,000 Baht.  This deposit will be refunded in full at the end of the season(or carried over as the deposit for the next season) to all teams that complete the season.  It is non-refundable if a team drops out mid-season or commits a serious infraction that results in league expulsion. Deposit may be used for late cancellations to reimburse host bar.

C…..  All teams are required to maintain an acceptable game venue with a 6, 7, 8,  or 9 foot indoor table.   The tables should be well maintained.  Torn or seriously damaged cloth, chipped balls, etc must be replaced.  All effort should be made to have all necessary equipment available for playing a pool match, such as pool cues, bridges, chalk, etc.  If a table has an idiosyncrasy that is known to the home team, such as a “dead” pocket or slight bias, it must be made known to the visiting team.

D…..  Match formats are noted on the fixtures or score sheets.

E…..  All teams must have a minimum of 4 players for each match. No player can play more than twice per scoring section. At least 4 players must play in each scoring section (exception if agreed by team captains).

F…..  If a team does not have a minimum of 4 players available for any given match,  that match will be forfeited unless an alternate playing date has been arranged by the respective team captains prior to the scheduled match or both captains agree to play the match short players (this may consist of forfeiting the games that would normally be played in by the 4th player or agreeing to allow only 3 to play). Note that it will be frowned on, and the league may adjust scores, if it seems that only 3 players are being used to benefit a team.

G…..  There are no restrictions on who may be allowed to play on any given team, nor are there any limits on the number of players a team can play over the course of the season.  Once a player plays for any given team, however, he is not allowed to play for any other team in the league without the approval of the league.

H……  All matches will be played under the rules supplied by the league. These rules are based on the World Pool Association rules, but have been amended to allow for local conditions.  A copy of these rules is available on this website.

I…..Home Bar will buy a round of drinks for all players. It is recommended that a brief break be taken at a convenient half-way point for that purpose.  If the home bar is unable to do so, they need to inform the other team of that before the match starts. Most hosting venues also offer some sort of food to the visiting team, and it is certainly encouraged in the name of sportsmanship, but is not required.


A…..All matches will be scheduled on a home and away basis so each team will have an equal number of home and away matches over the course of a season.  All matches will take place weekly on Monday nights (8-Ball) and Wednesday nights (9-Ball) unless otherwise specified.  Full season schedules are available on this website.

B…..  The starting time for all matches will be 8:00 PM. Captains are welcome to arrange early starts if they believe it is necessary.  All matches should be ready to start at or before that time.  We expect that at least one member of the visiting team be there and ready to play.   All team members need not be there for either the start  or end of a match.  If, for any reason, a team has a problem showing up on time, it is their responsibility to notify the opposing team captain beforehand.

C…..  In 8-Ball, each team will separately select their players for the first 4 games and then compare forms.  This will continue throughout the night.  In 9-ball, the home team will put up their first 4 games. As the night goes on, the team in the lead will post names first. If tied, posting first will alternate.

D…..  A match may be postponed to an alternate date and/or time if it is mutually agreed to by both team captains.  A postponement should be the exception, but is permitted.  Within reason, a team must accept a request for postponement if that request is done at least a day prior to play.  If it is less than a day, the acceptance of a postponement request is solely at the discretion of the opposing team captain.

E…..  All postponed matches must be made up within a reasonable period of time.  It will be the responsibility of the home team to notify Al or David, so that results can be documented.

F…..  If requested, it is the responsibility of the home team to offer the visiting team some free practice on the table before the start of play.

G…..  If, for any reason, a match cannot be completed within the scheduled session, it is the responsibility of the two team captains to arrange for the match to be completed, unless a winner has already been determined.

H…..  If any team fails to show up for any given match without prior notification to the opposing team, they will lose 1000 Baht of their deposit.  That money will be spent at the host venue as compensation.  Two “No Shows” in any given season will result in league disqualification.


A….. The home team must insure that a copy of the rules is available at all matches (online is satisfactory).  In the event of a dispute, the referee shall consult the playing rules before making any ruling.  If a dispute still exists after consulting the rules, the 2 team captains should consult to determine a fair and mutually acceptable resolution of the matter.
If this cannot be done, refer the issue to Al or David.  The game should  continue, and both teams should report the event to the league for review.

B…..  If a player disputes a “judgment” call by the captains (double hit, failure to hit a rail, etc.) there is no grounds for complaint.  The ruling shall stand.

C…..  A dispute in any individual game is not reason for the failure of a match to be completed.  A team refusing to complete a match because of a dispute will forfeit that match.  Any game can be continued “under protest,” and the issue can be resolved later by the league.

D…..  We ask that any and all problems be brought to the attention of the league.  Our goal is to keep the league as free of confrontation as possible.  To do this properly, we need to know of any problems that may arise to avoid the problem repeating.  It is strongly encouraged that the 2 team captains make every attempt to resolve any issues that may come up in a sportsmanlike manner.


A…..  Score-sheets are available on this website.

B…..  Scoring is noted on the score sheets.

C…..  Only one score-sheet must be filled out each night – with both Captains input.  Immediately after a match is completed, photograph the scoresheet and post on the LINE group,

D…..  Please keep in mind when filling out the forms that the information will be recorded.  If a team has players with the same name, please distinguish between them.  An initial or nickname will suffice.  Print any unusual names legibly, and make sure that an individual player is always listed under the same name.

E…..  Results will be compiled on a weekly basis for teams.  These will be furnished to, where they can be viewed online by anyone interested in seeing them.

F…..  Team standings will be determined by points accrued by winning matches.

5……….Awards ceremony

A…..  An awards ceremony will be held at the end of the season for all who have taken part. It will be at the venue of the winning (1st place) team.

B…..  All team and individual trophies won over the course of the season will be awarded at the awards ceremony (1st, 2d, & 3d place).